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Catching up with Gavelier

I figured it was time to catch everyone up on my whereabouts in WoW, so here’s what’s going on.

I, as Gavelier, recently spent a long stretch of time in Kalimdor, using Gadgetzan and Darnassus as my bases of operation. I went to Felwood and Azshara for the first time while up north and did my first real foray into Un’Goro Crater. When I wasn’t visiting new zones, I was trying to level up and grind rep with Darnassus. I have a serious desire for a nightsaber mount, and I’m only 5600 reputation points away from getting one. Yeah, I’ve got my (nearly) free paladin warhorse, but I want something different, and I’d rather have a nightsaber to a ram or an elekk. If only I could ride mechanostriders!

On the subject of levelling up, I reached level 52 this morning. That means that since I started this blog on Oct. 4th, I’ve gained 4 levels. I may make it to lvl. 55 before Wrath of the Litch King yet! Anyway, I got my Crusader Strike for filling in my Retribution talents finally. It’s ok, but I’m not yet sold on it. It seems to miss more often then I’d like. I also upgraded my weapon from the Beheading Blade I mentioned before to a new Warmonger. Aside from a vicious look (see a pic HERE), the new blade’s to-hit buff comes in handy. As for the rest of my gear, I’m working on replacing Gav’s near-full suit of Overlords armor with Imperial Plate. So far I have the only parts available to my level – the belt, shoulders and bracers – giving me the bonus for having at least 2 parts of the set (+100 armor).

I’ve also reached Artisan level in engineering, allowing me to pick a disipline, Goblin or Gnome. I chose Gnome, because I don’t have allot of use for the guns and explosives of Goblin engineering. I passed my entrance test and got my membership card.

As for odds and ends, I completed the questline for Marin Noggenfogger, netting me the Noggenfogger Elixir. I’ve seen folks all over the place under it’s influence, and now I’ve got my own! I did drink all of mine, though, so I’ll have to get more. Also, during the recent Brewfest holiday, I earned enough Brewfest Tokens to join the Brew of the Month club. September’s Binary Brew was weird (it made you speak in Gnomish Binary), but October’s Autumnal Acorn Ale, which makes a small animal love your character, is just plain off. I’m interested in seeing what odd brew November nets me.

That’s all for now, everyone. I’ll check back in later!

Shimmering Flats and the Mirage Raceway

Having swam from Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh to Tanaris to get to Gadgetzan, I’d never had the need to go through Thousand Needles. Therefore, while I was killing Rocs for Rhapsody Shindigger’s Kalimdor Kocktail and saw a path leading north out of Tanaris, I was intrigued. I followed it and came upon the Shimmering Flats. As someone who’s only been playing WoW for a handful of months, there are still places that are on my to-see list, and the Mirage Raceway was one of them (Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and the Barrens are among those already scratched off of said list). Call me a tourist, but it’s something I enjoy doing. So when I came upon the Shimmering Flats, completely by happenstance, I was thrilled. Now, I’ve been places where you can easily see mirages before, Las Vegas among them, and this place definately fit the bill for a mirage (but I kept wondering where they were going to put the volcano/fountain). In any event, I hung around for a while, took in a race, and did some quick quests for the two racing teams before posing with my warhorse for a shot with the two racers. It didn’t net me much XP or anything worthwhile (other then more quests for racer sponserships), but it was perhaps the most fun half hour or so I’d had in WoW in quite some time. With all of the grinding and questing I’ve been doing in harder areas, this was a welcome break. That’s my advice for everyone; take a break every once in a while and do something simple that you can enjoy. Be it fishing, cooking, or – like me – sightseeing, partake in something relaxing and you’ll come back to your adventures refreshed.

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