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Eye of the Tiger in the Eye of the Storm


I queued for a random battleground and as luck would have it, I wound up in Eye of the Storm again. I was again – as in my Arathi Basin battle  – a little killing machine. I’d bought up some Furious Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders and entered battle in my prot PvP spec. I ended up with six killing blows, 57 honorable kills and only five deaths. At one point, we were defending the mage’s tower and I ended basically tanking the horde. The horde all wanted me dead for whatever reason, so the healers kept me alive while our DPS (myself included) dropped them. It was impressive. If only we’d won.

Oh wait, that’s right  – we did. In fact, of the top 15 honorable kills leaders, 14 were of the Alliance (and I was one of them – #3, actually). Once out of the battleground, I bought a Greater Inscription of the Gladiator and a Kharmaa’s Grace gemstone for my new PvP shoulders. Nice.

Gav Tanks a Run?


I learned something tonight, something wholly unexpected – I can tank for short periods with my current gear. lol I went into Drak’Tharon Keep tonight – more on why in a minute – but after the second boss, our tank bailed. The healer asked me to tank for a while, so I switched to my prot spec, fired off Righteous Fury, pulled out my Teldrassil Protector and my Titansteel Shield Wall and we were off. I had no real problems and we got to King Dred in short order. I’d have done better without my PvP-based setup, like Glyph of Avenger’s Shield, but we had no trouble at all. By the time we got to King Dred, a new tank showed up but he didn’t give me time to go back to ret prior to pulling Dred, so we two-tanked him. After that I went back to ret but then another player dropped, this time our hunter. Something about not running with some certain guild name… we weren’t sure who he was talking about.

Oh, and as for why I was running another dungeon tonight, it’s because I was just a few Emblems of Triumph from getting Turalyon’s Shoulderguards of Conquest.

NuShouldersYes! I’ve finally upgraded from my stupid Spaulders of the Giant Lords. Nice, huh?

Loaded but No Go?

For the last eight and a half hours, I’ve been fighting WoW tooth and nail. I, like many players, am struggling to log in. I attempt to load Gavelier, but when I get to the loading screen, the loading bar fills up and then sits there. Forever. You can find more rants and raves in this topic on the WoW forums. I’ll check back in if I ever get back into the game.

On another note, I forgot to mention that after my run through the Old Kingdom the other day, I used my frost emblems to grab the Libram of Three Truths. It seems to have upped my DPS against Cult of the Damned mobs near the Argent Tournament by over a hundred or so DPS. Sweet!

Butler’s been Built

Aw, man.. I forgot to post the most important thing I’ve done since patch 3.3.3 hit – I built Jeeves. It was no big deal once the Titansteel cooldown was lifted. Now I need to try him out sometime.

Life of a Hero – Part Two

Time for the next chapter in Life of a Hero. We pick up as Gavelier leaves Northshire Abbey.



Stormwind! I was awe-struck when I first found Stormwind, and it’s theme music swelled up. I liked Stormwind as my primary business center for my first 60 or so levels, but that eventually changed. You’ll notice I’m going ‘sword and board’ here. I wasn’t sure what I should be fighting with, so I randomly changed between a one-hander with a shield and a two-hander for the longest time.



OMG, I’m underground! lol I was excited to leave the open air and head underground for the first time, even if it was just the Fargodeep Mine. Kobolds were relatively easy prey, except when they ganged up on me, which they did. Allot. And I died. Allot.



Wow, a treasure chest! This was the first treasure chest I ever found. I was in Fargodeep mine (obviously), and when I saw it I ran to it as fast as Gav’s legs would carry him. I don’t remember what was in it now, though.

 2008-03-06_190648 Jumping a ways ahead, I found these Pioneer Trousers of the Monkey in Westfall, and they were the first piece of armor I found with an enchantment on them. Thus, I wore them – not concerned with the fact that they were leather armor, vice mail armor. Nor did I know that  ‘… of the monkey’ isn’t the best pally enchant. I wasn’t too bright, early on.

Almost built a Butler!

After over 2 and a half hours of searching, smelting, building and buying, I now stand two Titansteel Bars away from my own Jeeves. For an idea of what making Jeeves entails, look at his parts list, broken down into it’s base components.

Holy cow! Thankfully, I could farm most of those parts myself, but it took me an hour or so just to get the Khorium, Adamantite and Fel Iron. Now, with patch 3.3.3 supposedly hitting tomorrow (at least, that’s the word I’ve heard), I should be able to smelt those last two Titansteel bars myself since the recipe’s 20-hour cooldown will be removed. I’ll be sure to check back in once Jeeves is built.

Catching up With Gavelier, Post Ulduar

This is mostly a follow-up of the last post, covering points I missed and discussing what’s happened since those events.

I forgot to cover a couple things I wanted to share about my Halls of Stone run while on my Leviathan-killing high. For one, I spent most of the run at the top of the DPS meters before settling into a happy second behind a rogue, trailing him by less then 200 DPS. When Sjonnir the Ironshaper – the final boss we fought – ultimately fell, the rogue and I were dead. We died just before the boss succumbed, and I was about a half a second away from casting my bubble when I died. The rogue ended the run with 2.42k DPS, and I was close behind with 2.29k. At least the tank – doing a respectable 2.11 DPS herself  lived. She couldn’t hold aggro well, though, which accounts for why my DPS dropped from the start of the run to the end – I got paranoid about pulling mobs off the tank again and again.

After I helped killed the Leviathan later that night and got the Jeeves schematic, I looked up what was involved in making it, and holy moly is it going to be a long and expensive build. Step one for me was to get the Field Repair Bot 74A schematic from Blackrock Depths, when meant I had to find Blackrock Depths.



I was there once before, running a low level dude around, but I found it that time by total accident. Seriously – I wasn’t looking where I was going and I walked right off the upper level into the lava below. One bubble later and I’m safe on the bottom floor, following the lower-level guy into the instance. This time I had to find it the old-fashioned way and it took me about 15 minutes. Once in, I read instructions I found on to try and find the schematics, but they weren’t too detailed and I got turned around again and again. Fortunately I had grabbed – by advice – a surplus of Powerful Seaforium Charges before heading out, and was able to blast open doors and some hanging gear-thing to get to the plans.


The next plans needed were for the Field Repair Bot 110G, which took me about 25 minutes of spawn-camping Gan’arg Analyzers in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Finally, I needed to get the Scrapbot Construction Kit by turning the quest from the SCRAP-E card in Storm Peaks. Fortunately, I’ve long had the card and just needed the parts to go turn in. I happened to get five overcharged capacitors from looting the Leviathan, and I had the requisite cobalt bolts in the bank. Now I’ve got the plans, but this brings up the expensive part of the process. I can either farm parts for days or pay out the nose for them. Some options, huh?

Well, that’s about all I wanted to cover today. A last point of note is that I finally got an Argent Crusader’s Tabard today, which is something I’ve worked on now and again for quite some time now.



Into the Nexus!


Now this is more like it. I queued for a Heroic today, and after 10 minutes of waiting and one failed group (the tank declined his invitation), I got to go into the Nexus today. This, for once, is a dungeon I’m familiar with. I’ve healed it before and I’ve done DPS here, so there’s a comfort zone in place. I was last or next to last in DPS for all but the last fight when I reached 2nd highest. Our mage was putting out almost 3k DPS and I was second with 1.8k. Not great, but I’m still rusty. Anyway, when Keristrasza fell, she dropped the Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle, and I won it on greed. It’s not better then my Girdle of Arrogant Downfall (especially since I just socketed it with a Bold Stormjewel – vice a Bold Scarlet Ruby – from today’s Bag of Fishing Treasures), but it’s nice to actually have a memento from my adventures.

Gav and Gleave’s Whereabouts


This is just a quick update on current events. Gav ran two random heroics yesterday with some guildies, the first one (Utgarde Keep) with two guildies and the second one (The Nexus) with three. The random healer in our second group had to feel left out. In any case, we cleared both in no time, and I never died. I got some disenchanted gear’s regents, which I promptly put on the auction block.

On another note, I went and bought the XP-bonus shoulders for Gleave, my death knight. With a gryphon and XP shoulders, he’s about as happy at 63 as a death knight can be.


Later, all.

Hall of Lightning Gets Struck Down


I entered my first random heroic dungeon tonight with a true pick-up group. I signed into the Dungeon Finder, and ended up with a cross-server crew in the Halls of Lightning. Well, if it was lightning, we were thunder. Our tank (a death knight) knew just what the hell he was doing, and we effin’ blitzed the place. We nabbed the Shatter Resistant and Timely Death achievements as we cleared it. We steered clear of unnecessary fights, thanks to our tank’s know-how. The sad part is that I died twice. Dammit! It amounted to 16g in repairs back in Dalaran. I only got The General’s Steel Girdle for my trouble. I saw the Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver drop before me, but I didn’t get it. Damn. Oh well, I did get two more frost emblems. Yay!

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