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Rawr Rules

I recently downloaded Rawr, a gear calculator/optimizer, and I love the thing. I’ve spent hours pouring over improvements, changes and upgrades to my gear with this little app. Using it, I’ve gone from 1.9k to 2.3k DPS on the Heroic dummies. It will evaluate your gear, and tell you what to upgrade to and where to find it. It also allows me to see my exact weaknesses. I was using under-performing gems and was looking to upgrade the wrong equipment. I use Gearscore in-game, and some of my decisions have been driven by a desire to raise that. When I had the option to go for either a Savage Scaled Chestpiece (over my Whalebone Carapace) or Savage Scaled Legguards (over my Savage Saronite Legplates), I was set to pick up the Chestplate. Why? Because it’s gearscore was much higher in comparison to what it was replacing compared to the legguards. Rawr, though, showed me I was taking the wrong route. My DPS was set to improve much more with the legguards when properly equipped. It’s also helped me figure out what gems I need, and showed me that I didn’t necessarily have to match gem color to socket color for maximum return. I’m hooked on this program. Here’s some other things it’s done for me and Gavelier.

There are some things it suggests that I don’t agree with, though, such as it’s talent choices. I’m not going to pass on ret talent to select Divine Sacrifice; my goal is to do damage, not take it. Also, it recommends a spell rotation that I don’t like, but I’m trying to give it a go because Rawr says it’s worth a couple dozen extra DPS.

In short, if you like to theorycraft, you could do far worse then to give this program a spin. It can download your data straight from the WoW Armory, so you don’t have to load everything by hand. It’s easy to use, and yet very powerful. I’d recommend it to any class. A true A+ program.

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