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Catching up With Gavelier, Post Ulduar

This is mostly a follow-up of the last post, covering points I missed and discussing what’s happened since those events.

I forgot to cover a couple things I wanted to share about my Halls of Stone run while on my Leviathan-killing high. For one, I spent most of the run at the top of the DPS meters before settling into a happy second behind a rogue, trailing him by less then 200 DPS. When Sjonnir the Ironshaper – the final boss we fought – ultimately fell, the rogue and I were dead. We died just before the boss succumbed, and I was about a half a second away from casting my bubble when I died. The rogue ended the run with 2.42k DPS, and I was close behind with 2.29k. At least the tank – doing a respectable 2.11 DPS herself  lived. She couldn’t hold aggro well, though, which accounts for why my DPS dropped from the start of the run to the end – I got paranoid about pulling mobs off the tank again and again.

After I helped killed the Leviathan later that night and got the Jeeves schematic, I looked up what was involved in making it, and holy moly is it going to be a long and expensive build. Step one for me was to get the Field Repair Bot 74A schematic from Blackrock Depths, when meant I had to find Blackrock Depths.



I was there once before, running a low level dude around, but I found it that time by total accident. Seriously – I wasn’t looking where I was going and I walked right off the upper level into the lava below. One bubble later and I’m safe on the bottom floor, following the lower-level guy into the instance. This time I had to find it the old-fashioned way and it took me about 15 minutes. Once in, I read instructions I found on to try and find the schematics, but they weren’t too detailed and I got turned around again and again. Fortunately I had grabbed – by advice – a surplus of Powerful Seaforium Charges before heading out, and was able to blast open doors and some hanging gear-thing to get to the plans.


The next plans needed were for the Field Repair Bot 110G, which took me about 25 minutes of spawn-camping Gan’arg Analyzers in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Finally, I needed to get the Scrapbot Construction Kit by turning the quest from the SCRAP-E card in Storm Peaks. Fortunately, I’ve long had the card and just needed the parts to go turn in. I happened to get five overcharged capacitors from looting the Leviathan, and I had the requisite cobalt bolts in the bank. Now I’ve got the plans, but this brings up the expensive part of the process. I can either farm parts for days or pay out the nose for them. Some options, huh?

Well, that’s about all I wanted to cover today. A last point of note is that I finally got an Argent Crusader’s Tabard today, which is something I’ve worked on now and again for quite some time now.



Patch 3.2 Sees Argent Tournament Daily Quest Changes

Now that Gav has made it to the PTR, I can comment on changes to the Argent Tournament dailies. My opinion? There are very few, at least so far. One, though, stands out as a soon-to-be pain in the neck. Taking the Battle to the Enemy currently can be completed by killing any mobs in the zone, save for in the Bombardment. Come patch 3.2, you will only be able to kill cultists to complete the quest. Oh, you can kill all the Frostblood Whelps and Vyrkul Necrolords you want, but they will do nothing for your quest progress. This is Blizzard finding things that are too easy and making them more… tedious. Not harder, just more tedious. I submitted my opinion on this to Blizzard upon completing the quest through their PTR survey tool. Nothing will likely come of it, but I feel better.

In other news, it’s no longer a pain in the butt to fly my gryphon around, seeing as how it’s gained a 90% speed increase from before (60% to 150%, as discussed last post). I do miss the Bronze Drake, though. I didn’t mention it before, but I flew the drake from Howling Fjord to Dalaran and on to the Argent Tournament grounds, and it was no big deal. I wouldn’t even think of flying Gav’s pre-3.2 econo-mount that far. With the PTR’s speed increase, Gav flew his gryphon to the tournament grounds rather then buy a ride, and it’s not too bad. Not the best, but not bad.

Commander Down and Swords Up


Well, here’s a happy tale. I did my usual Argent Tournament dailies (Taking the Battle to the Enemy and Among the Champions) yesterday evening, bringing my champion’s seal total up to 22, and I needed 25 for my Claymore of the Prophet. Doing the dailies again this morning was quick, but still… I was going to be one short. What to do? How about rolling the dice on getting a champions seal in one of the Champion’s Purses I was going to get? Yeah! I was due!

No luck. I got my gold and that was that. That left me with two options: wait until tomorrow, or do that ‘other’ daily. I dreaded the thought of going through Battle Before the Citadel, because I didn’t like it’s Valiant variant, At the Enemy’s Gates. The flight to the fight was bad enough for me on my slow, non-epic flyer, but the thought of having to kill a Boneguard Commander made me cringe. I had been killed by them a few times doing At the Enemy’s Gates, so I was scared of them. But, if it was between that and waiting ‘till tomorrow… I was going to chance it. I flew down to the quest area, and promptly got swamped by every mob in the area. Yup, this was going to be fun.

I managed to outrun the mobs until only the commander was chasing me. I turned to fight, but I was already down to 19% health. Still, I got him down to 36% HP from max health before he killed my mount. I then whittled him further, down to under 10% on foot before I finally fell. “Huh,” I thought to myself, “These guys don’t hit any harder then the Champions I fight everyday!” Once that thought had occurred to me, it was on.

I saved one challenger from a commander, but since he had tagged him I didn’t get credit for it. Dammit. Next, I managed to pick off and kill a commander on my own with relative ease. As I was mopping up Boneguard Lieutenants, another aggro’d on me. I was down to 49% health at the time, but after learning of their comparability to Argent Champions, I just slowly backed off, led him to a quiet corner of the area and killed him. They may have massive range to chase you down (you really can’t run from them, which is mostly what got me killed all the other times), but they aren’t real tough. Getting one alone, however, can be.

Well, as you can see in my pic, I obviously completed the quest, got my 25th champion’s seal, and purchased my fancy new sword. I’m dying to try it out on something now. lol

Of Swords and Silly Hats


Doing fishing dailies isn’t the key to riches, but it can be fun. It can also net you some neat fishing-related loot, like my new Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. I’m able to use it for a fishing skill buff rather then having to lug around Bright Baubles or Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. This saves me a good bit of bag space.

In other news, Gav is now a Champion of Gnomeregan. Not an Exalted Champion (yet), just a champion. I’m five Champions Seals away from my sword now, too, so it’s within – at most – three days reach (I only do the Taking the Battle to the Enemy and Among the Champions Argent Champion dailies). Compare that new sword with my current club, and it’s a no-brainer, especially since I prefer swords, anyway.

Blood Elf Helps Human, Human Very Confused

Ok, an odd occurrence tonight at the Argent Tournament. I’m working on becoming a champion of the gnomes, primarily for the rep gains.  Rep-wise, I’m currently exalted with humans, night elves and now dwarves (as of a week or so ago), so only the Draenei and gnomes are left, and I still want a mechanostrider. I picked up a Swift White Ram as soon as I hit exalted with the dwarves to go with my Swift Stormsaber in my collection of other races mounts.

Anyway, I was doing the Grand Melee daily quest to defeat three Valiants, but while dueling my first one, he started getting shot at with spells. A mage’s spells. I thought, “nice of you to help, whoever you are, but I’ve got it handled.” Anyway, once that first Valiant fell, I saw who was helping me. It was a random Blood Elf mage. Let me repeat that. A Blood Elf Mage. Blood-Elf. Y’know, of the Horde. WTF was he doing, helping me win?! What, was he a turncoat to the Horde? He didn’t do allot of damage, but it was enough to make it easier on me. I swear, I have no idea how the Horde thinks.

Gav Takes to the Tourney


Gavelier has entered the Argent Tournament! I was unaware that the tournament was accessible starting at level 77, but it is. Oh, that’s right: Gav’s level 77 now. I got there by doing quests in Zul’Durak. They were – by and large – rather straight forward and involved little to no danger. Heck yeah! Also, I’m up to 320g or so, climbing that ladder to get dual specs.

As for the tournament, so far it’s been rather straight forward. Combat is fairly simple, but nowhere near easy. I’m going to be a while, learning what’s what! Anyway, I’m off to Grizzly Hills next, with a quest to kiss a frog (ick), and then it’s off to  Crystalsong Forest to nab some lumber. I’ll check back in later.

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