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Transporter Malfunctions

Wow, Gav... Not long ago, I finished putting together my two teleportation devices; one to Gadgetzan in Tanaris and one to Toshley’s Station in the Blade’s Edge Mountains of the Outland. I’ve not used my Gadgetzan teleporter yet, but I’ve used the one for Toshley’s Station three times now. So far, I’ve gotten the Soul Split: Good debuff (picture below), the Evil Twin debuff, and the Transporter malfunction, which produced the results seen to the left. I supposedly got swapped with the last person to go through the transporter. All I know is, I got popped into a semi-hot Draenei chick body for an hour. Not exactly my idea of fun, honestly.

I use the transporter because it’s more convenient then going to Dalaran and then porting from their to Shattrath. It’s also free, so there’s no paying a mage to port me to Shatt. Still… all of these gaffes make me wonder if Gnomish engineering is really a good thing.

Soul Split: Good 

Stupid Gnomes.

Here, Piggy Piggy Piggy…

"Izzat you, Pig?" This is a quickie post to say that Pig is actually a little hard on my heart. lol Seriously, I can’t count the number of times since getting him I’d be running along and he’d lag behind, falling off-screen. Being a natural paladin, seeing just my avatar is nothing odd to me. What is odd is Pig suddenly catching up with me. At least four times in the last 12 hours I’ve had an “OMG something’s attacking me!… oh, it’s just Pig” moment. I’ve also had several, “Wait!! What the hell happened to Pig? He was just… oh, here he is” moments as well.  *sigh* Why can’t I just remember he’s there and not panic when he disappears and then panic again when he shows up?

Pets. The bane of the average class.

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