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Gavelier’s World of Warcraft has Returned!

I’ve returned to my web comic, Gavelier’s World of Warcraft (GWoW for short) with a new focus on action and adventure over comedy. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think.

Azeroth Freezes Over for Gav

It’s been a pain, these last three days. Around noon on Tuesday my account was frozen by Blizzard due to lack of funds. I got hit by extra bills this month and my account was overdrawn, so they couldn’t take their payment. Thus, I’ve been WoW-less since Tuesday. I did take the time to make the newest comic in Gav’s World of Warcraft, so check that out, will you? It’ll make this downtime seem worth it. lol I get paid tomorrow so I’ll be back in the game then; just a few more hours, Gav! I’ll be back, I swear!!

Gavelier’s World of Warcraft has been Updated


A new Gavelier’s World of Warcraft comic is up, continuing the lead-in to the confrontation of Gavelier, Sibyl, and Budman against Stitches. For those who’ve never read a GWoW comic, Gav is based on the Gavelier you read about here (only about 20+ levels ago) and two allies of his. Budman is a mage, but not a really good one. He has huge dreams and a desire for fame and fortune, and sees following Gav as a way to reach his goals. He’s not a cheap bum, though; he honestly tries to help and is a genuinely good guy (even if he is a little simple). Sibyl on the other hand is a fairly competent warlock and is the only ‘normal’ member of the trio. She and her voidwalker Kragnos first ran across Gav and Budman when the latter were on a quest in Westfall (Gav was helping Budman level). She’s since joined up to try and bolster their chances of success and survival at… well, whatever they happen to be doing at a given time. Gav, personality-wise, is a bit of a braggart (and he tends to get emotional). although he is a fairly decent paladin. He likes to brag about being a ‘hero figure’ to a couple of young adventurers, even though his two followers are both only less then 25 levels behind him (Sibyl is in her mid-twenties and Budman is nearly level 20 now) and gaining. Gav has previously solicited a favor from the Azeroth Mob and it’s leader Chaking, and now owes Chaking a favor in the form of the head of the Horde that beat him up. However, Gav never got attacked by any Horde, but made up the story to hide his feeling inadequate, so now he’s in deep trouble.

Most of the characters you read about are actual characters or are based on actual characters. You’ll also see cameos from a few of my alts, like Goldfox the gnome rogue and Wrain the Night Elf druid. Some, like Kirby, are based on experiences I’ve had, with the events twisted around. For the record, ‘Kirby’ didn’t show up in Booty Bay and flummox me; I actually guided him from Darkshore to the Brewfest at Ironforge. During the trip he died several times and I had to res him, which became semi-frustrating and yet comical at the same time. I thought the idea of a low-level player getting wherever they wanted – even places level 70s wouldn’t dare go alone – with no trouble at all would be funny, so there you go.

I’d love to catch Gav up to his current nigh-level 70 self, but that’s not going to be able to happen until the current story arc finishes, at least. I’ll be posting new comics as I write them.

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