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Sights Seen: OMGWTF Flying Stormsabers?!

Wee!! Pt. 1 

Beware in Howling Fjord, for there be flying Swift Stormsabers! Seriously. What, you don’t believe me? Look at the pictures I’ve got! I was in the northern mountains of HF when I decided to take a quick bound for the hell of it. When I did, my Stormsaber shot into the air and slowly floated to the ground. I was freaked out at first, but got the hang of it and loved it. This happened some four or five times on my way down the mountain. Gotta love that thin mountain air! More pics after the break.

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Sights Seen: Stormspire is Purty



I was in the Netherstorm last night to buy some vanity pets (including a Mana Wyrmling, Red Moth and a Blue Dragonhawk), and I’d never gone further into the zone then Area 52 before.  When I arrived at the eco-dome containing Stormspire, I was blown away. It’s a beautiful oasis in the middle of a disaster area. I was very, very impressed; I wasn’t comfortable in the zone prior, what with the collapsing cliffs and constant electrical storms, so this was a welcome treat. As an added bonus, I got the Plenty of Pets achievement to boot. Not a bad stop, I thought.

Sights Seen: The Fjord and it’s Fauna


Having gone back to Northrend the other day, wanting to miss as little Litch King content as possible, I’ve decided to make my foray into the King’s domain through Howling Fjord. While there (and in between getting killed by Dragonflayer Vrykuls and the Litch King) I came across the above scene of two Shoveltusk Stag’s dueling. I kinda killed ’em both, so I hope that it doesn’t destroy the Fjord’s ecology.

Back to my untimely deaths, the Litch King killed me in a little spirit appearance, and it was so cruel of Blizzard to put him there! I was looking for something, and saw him, and he killed me without me being able to do squat about it. Unfair, says I.

In other news, I went back into the Stockades to kill Bazil Thredd for the achievement and was surprised at how little a fight anything gave me. I mean, I know that they’re all around a third my level, but wow. Oh well, 10 more achievement points for Gav. I’m thinking of trying to solo the Deadmines next. We’ll see.

Sights Seen: Feralis

This is the first of our Sights Seen series, featuring pix from WoW that are amazing, unique or beautiful. If you have one to donate, please send it to me here. No UI please, unless it adds to the picture.

When I first got to Feralis with Gavelier, I really didn’t know what to expect, but when you consider the nearby zones – Tanaris, Desolace, The Barrens, and even Mulgore – I expected a very arid, rough land. When I was met with a semi-tropical enviroment, I was stunned. I took allot of pics on my first run through it, but this is my favorite.

(Edited because I kept calling Feralis, Tanaris. I was actually in Feralis)

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