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Path of the Paladin IV – Mini PotP

It’s time for another edition of Path of the Paladin. Like usual, I have no goals, and am just going to wing it. We’ll see if anything of worth occurs (like anything ever has). At any rate, here we go!

  • 11:23 – Logging in as we speak. Gav reached exalted with the Kirin Tor recently, so I’m not going to be doing my profession dailies today. I think I’ll head to Storm Peaks and check on the Sons of Hodir and their dailies.
  • 11:26 – Logging can take forever some days! Ah, in!
  • 11:27 – Oh, I have mail! My dream shard finally sold, for 22g. I’ve been trying to sell that thing forever.
  • 11:28 – Crap, my bags are full as hell from earlier escapades. Lemme clear some space. Oh, guildies are on. I said hi to them.
  • 11:30 – On my way to Storm Peaks now. About time, huh?
  • 11:31 – Changed my mind. I need Ebon Hold rep, so I’m off to Icecrown.
  • 11:32 – WTF? I just got accosted by a librarian while stopping for Saronite in Storm Peaks.
  • 11:33 – Finally entering Icecrown above the Argent Tournament grounds.
  • 11:35 – Guildie got Working Day and Night achievement while I was flying to the Ebon Hold folks. GJ, dude.
  • 11:37 – Well, I’m not the only one doing certain Ebon Hold dailies; I’m finding all the Vrykul killed with swords sticking out of ‘em.
  • 11:40 – Ok, 15 drake riders shot down; now I’m off to perform arson.
  • 11:43 – Arson complete. Now, to stab some of these Vrykul that still stand.
  • 11:46 – Lotsa live ones near the southern end of the village.
  • 11:47 – Well, there used to be. lol
  • 11:48 – Man, now all the ones near the drake pen are dead too. One minute their alive, the next their dead. I wonder what could be killing them? Maybe these big swords in their backs? Hmm…
  • 11:50 – And just like that, I’m out of swords to play with. This is freaky. Hey, my claymore’s dented. How did that happen?
  • 11:51 – FYI: Any one who didn’t see the sarcasm dripping off of those last couple posts needs help.
  • 11:52 – Over a thousand more Ebon Hold rep for me, and I’m off, back to Dalaran to wrap this up.
  • 11:54 – Well, I suppose that’s that. Again, not dramatic, but it’s a read into my play style and mindset. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m off.

Updated 1/25/10 for typos, clarification and links

Path of the Paladin 3

Ok, I fell asleep after my Isle of Conquest matches, and I just woke up, so here’s that promised Path of the Paladin post. We pick up in Icecrown at the Argent Tournament grounds.

  • 4:51 – I’m going to do the “kill x number of mobs” Argent Tournament dailies quick.
  • 4:52 – Whereas I could formerly complete both of the quests – the champions and valiant variants – together by killing anything in Icecrown, they’ve swapped them up by making the champions quest require killing Cult of the Damned members and the valiant’s one involve killing re-animated heroes. Stupid Blizzard, making things harder.
  • 4:59 – What’s with these unarmed Cult of the Damned members, with all this magic they’re shooting everywhere, deciding that punching the paladin with the huge sword is a good idea? 15 CotD members slain, and I’m off to kill re-animated heroes.
  • 5:01 – Oooh… Saronite…
  • 5:05 – The only plus side to the re-animated heroes quest is that almost none of the mobs group-aggro, so you can usually just pull ‘em one at a time. I killed all 10 I needed, so now to go back and turn in these two quests.
  • 5:08 – Both quests turned in, and now I’m hearthing back to Dalaran to use the engineer’s auction house to see if I have enough gold to buy some Spiked Titansteel Treads.
  • 5:11 – Yup, I sure do. Consider them bought.
  • 5:13 – They clash with the rest of my gear aesthetically, but they’re great for my stats, so they stay.
  • 5:17 – I also bought a Bold Scarlet Ruby for my Hateful Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets, so I’m broke. Again.
  • 5:20 – Well, I suppose that’s all for now. I’ll post a longer PotP later.

Path of the Paladin 2

Welcome to episode two of Path of the Paladin. Today we start in Dalaran.

  • 1:38 – It seems that my server is up a little early (relative to the announced maintenance schedule), so I’m diving in. I’m playing Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill vid on my MP4 player as background noise. It’s funny as hell, and provides me with something to listen to while I ride aimlessly to my goals.
  • 1:40 – I know how thrilling it is listening to me do my profession dailies, but I’m going to check them anyway.
  • 1:41 – Game freezing… maybe it’s not as ‘up’ as I thought.
  • 1:42 – Ok, I’m going to log out and try this again. Please be patient.
  • 1:45 – I’m logging back in now. This had to happen when I wanted to do a PotP entry, didn’t it?
  • 1:46 – While we wait, I want to point out that I got the Filling up the Barn achievement last night. Only 25 more mounts to a drake. lol
  • 1:48 – And we’re in again. Today’s fishing daily is The Ghostfish, and since I’m headed to Sholozar anyway, I’m taking it.
  • 1:49 – Mustard Dogs! is the cooking daily, so that works as well. Taken.
  • 1:50 – Dalaran’s an absolute hub of activity right after a server restart. I’m taking the flight path to Sholozar since I don’t want to have to go around Wintergrasp. This is something else patch 3.2 will fix.
  • 1:54 – Touchdown at the River’s Heart. I’m going to fish up that ghostfish quick, so hang on.
  • 1:55 – Who’s surprised that River’s Heart is swamped with people right now? Not me.
  • 1:56 – I’ve spent – according to Fishing Buddy – over an hour and a half of game time, total, fishing here in River’s Heart. The only time I come here to fish is for this daily, so this says one thing to me: I’m a sucky fisherman.
  • 2:00 – Still fishing. One of my guildies just said he got some sweet loot last night, including Edge of Oblivion and Sword of Justice.
  • 2:01 – Finally! Got that stupid fish. He’s now et.
  • 2:02 – Now to dig up stones for the Oracles. I’m almost revered! C’mon, Jaloot, we got work to do.
  • 2:07 – Good boy, Jaloot. Now to turn this in and see if I need any more to hit revered.
  • 2:08 – Yup… one more needed. I’m off to play music for dirt now. Why? Ask the Oracles. I just do what I’m paid to do. Yes, I am a mercenary.
  • 2:14 – The dirt’s happy now (I guess), so I’m off to turn this quest in.
  • 2:19 – En route, I stopped off to kill some rhinos for the Rhino Dogs I need to make, and in the process, looted a Cameo Ring and some Wolverine Armguards. Not bad.
  • 2:22 – Gah! Making dirt happy isn’t enough, now I’ve got to go kill 50 Wolvar with crystals. This could take a while.
  • 2:30 – Finally killed all 50 using the gem stones (actually, it was pretty cool), and I also got promoted in my guild. A good morning. On top of that, I’m now Revered with the Oracles. Time to buy that first egg.
  • 2:32 – I got my egg, and now I’m hearthing back to Dalaran to cook my rhino dogs, find some wild mustard, and turn in the ghostfish quest.
  • 2:37 – I just got booted from the server! I’m gonna log back in again.
  • 2:39 – I’m in Dalaran (finally). Now to find that wild mustard.
  • 2:43 – Mustard found, and Mustard Dog Basket complete. Time to turn in my two profession dailies.
  • 2:45 – Bah humbug. Nothing good in my reward bags. Oh well, I guess that wraps up another less-then-thrilling Path of the Paladin.


Path of the Paladin – Premiere Post

Today features my first ever live Path of the Paladin post. In this, I will be giving a live diary of what Gav is up to at the time. It’s not likely to be exciting, but it may be interesting. Here we go!

  • 1:21 – Loading up! Gav was last logged in in Shadowmoon Valley, so that’s where we’ll pick up
  • 1:22 – Oh, I have mail! I wonder what it is?
  • 1:23 – Blah, it’s just a host of failed auctions. Oh wait, my Brew of the Month! Yes! “Stranglethorn Brew,” eh? Let’s quaff it and see what happens.
  • 1:24 – WTF?! I just got accosted by Angry Jungle Gnomes! Ok, I’m gonna have to do that again and get pics next time for you guys to see. That was effed up.
  • 1:26 – I just learned the Turbo Charged Flying Machine schematic, so I can make that. I can’t fly it, mind you, but I can make it. *grumble*
  • 1:27 – Well, it’s not too exciting here in Shadowmoon Valley, so I’m hearthing back to Dalaran.
  • 1:29 – That’s right! I had some stuff I wanted to buy in Wintergrasp, so I’m going there to try and buy them.
  • 1:31 – I just bought an Inscription of Triumph and Titan Forged Rune of Determination. Much better. I also got an invite to the WG dungeon, but I turned that down.
  • 1:33 – Ah, crap. I forgot to do yesterday’s cooking daily, so I can’t do today’s because I still have Infused Mushroom Meatloaf sitting in my quest log. Oh well, may as well do that one.
  • 1:37 – This just in: mushroom hunting sucks.
  • 1:39 – I’ve got the four mushrooms, but now I need two Chilled Meats. I think I’ll check the fishing daily first, in case it leads me anywhere where I can find some.
  • 1:41 – It’s Dangerously Delicious. Screw that, I’m just gonna head to Storm Peaks and kill mammoths.
  • 1:42 – I’m gonna fly my econo-mount over. I can’t wait for patch 3.2 to hit so I can get that speed boost!
  • 1:46 – Ok, no chilled meat so far, just Looped Tusks and a Chunk o’ Mammoth. I’m gonna go kill things in Crystalsong Forest instead.
  • 1:49 – It takes so long to get anywhere! Econo-mount FTL.
  • 1:55 – Ok, I just want to say that I’ve killed everything in my path, in two zones, for over 10 minutes, and I’ve gotten zero meat. What gives?!
  • 1:57 – Screw Crystalsong Forest. I’m headed to Dragonblight. This isn’t a hard quest, but it’s giving me fits.
  • 2:03 – I had to kill a bunch of Emaciated Mammoths, but I got the two meat I needed. Funnily enough, they both dropped from calves. Why? You got me.
  • 2:04 – Why didn’t I take the flight path from Wyrmrest? My gryphon is SO SLOW!
  • 2:05 – Note to self: stop forgetting to engage Crusader Aura!
  • 2:06 – I just got a group invite, about a mile above Crystalsong Forest. No message, just an invite. WTF? Oh, it was a guildie. Still, a note as to “why” would be nice. Rejected.
  • 2:09 – Quest complete, and… SWEET! I got an extra Dalaran Cooking Award in my Small Spice Bag! That’s a first for me.
  • 2:11 – This is all for now. I’ll be posting again later.
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