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Meet Wormachine


I mentioned my “Wor” Machine last post. This is him. Wormachine is my worgen hunter (yes, Ernest was taken and yes, I know this because I tried). Here’s a quick pic of Wormachine as a worgen.


He’s pretty cool. The dog’s named Maggie, after my own mutt. A quick side note: I ran into a guildie of Gav’s in Darnassus after leaving the worgen zones and introduced myself. I asked if Wormachine could join, but alas he could not. Not because of any rules, but because the guildie wasn’t of rank to invite me, and no one who was was on. Darn. I’ll have to ask again later when an officer or other higher-ranked player is on. Too bad I can’t have Gav on at the same time: Gav’s got the ability to invite. Anyway, Wormachine is pretty fun, but it’s mostly like leveling Lug again – just with a wicked-cool new race. Wor is here!


Hi, I’m Alphasim . I’ve been playing World of WarCraft for four years now and my main is a level 85 human paladin named Gavelier. Gav features prominently here at Alazar so you'll get to know him and his guild.

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