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The Big, Big Whoa-My-God Big Post


I’ve been gone for a long time, so to make up for it here’s one of those “holy crap this is too way freaking long why don’t you have a life” posts. I’ve been leveling alts, obviously, and one is my level 16 feral-specced night elf druid Wrain (I’ll be referring to my alts by their current level, not necessarily the one shown in the included picture). He’s seen above in cat-form along Darkshore’s coastline, slaying water elementals.


Next we check in on Budman, my level 25 frost-specced human mage.  Budman’s working his way through the Wetlands right now but it’s been slow going.


Here, his water elemental tries to engulf a raptor. Budman isn’t real tough, and his elemental is even softer so I have to be careful with these two.


Here we see my level 31 demonology-specced human warlock and his Fel Guard minion Okiash… Okinasa… Okisaki… Oki-SOMETHING. Whatever, I just call him Oki. Crane and Oki are lethal while running through the (admittedly lower-level ) Northern Stranglethorn.  They got here at level 29 and are just cruising.


Hey, here’s a pic of Crane’s new buddy, a lashtail hatchling. This little guy followed me around as I killed Basilisks for him to feast upon. I was only too happy to kill critters for his consumption.


I eventually drug Buddy (I named the little red raptor Buddy) into a cave to kill… someone. Or four someones. In any event, everyone I saw died and I completed the quest. Yay!


What the HELL?! I was taking Lug, my level 33 beast mastery-specced Tauren hunter from Mulgore to Desolace and I came across a FRICKING RABBIT WITH A GOD DAMN AXE IN HIS EFFING MOUTH! I repeat, for emphasis: WHAT THE HELL?!


Once I dropped down into Desolace, I was smack-dab in the middle of Satyr Central. I had only one tip here (a quest I got from the Warlord’s Post or whatever that signboard in Thunder Bluff was called) so I just knew I had to keep walking and killing while following an arrow on my map. Yay for immersion!


I was eventually sent with Pig (yay for Pig!) to a huge fortress to kill baddies. We went in, killed left and right, and then pig had some kind of Fel fit.


Yeah, Pig! You go! You go with your… giant… black… two-legged… purple winged… self… OK, seriously –WTF?? Getting splattered enough times with these punks blood upon killing them turned both Pig and I into freakish demon-things. It didn’t seem to bother us, so we kept on killing.

That’s all for now. I’m doing my alt-leveling now because they’ll likely go on the back-burner again on Tuesday as Gav grinds to 85. We’ll see.

Budman Tries out Mage Changes on 4.0.1 PTR


I popped Budman onto the PTR today, and you can see the results above. Budman specced as a Frost mage upon arriving, earning a Water Elemental in the process. They no longer have a time limit to them, and seem to have monster range on their Water Bolt. I started having RandomPetName (my Water Elemental’s actual name, and no I didn’t name him) pull while I moved and stood some 30 yards from him.  That allowed me space to work when I would eventually pull the mob off of him. It was an odd mechanic, but it worked.

Arcane Missiles were a fun and dynamic mechanic whereupon I would get the above eye catch to let me know I could cast the spell. When it proc’d I could then work the spell into my rotation.

Two changes I wasn’t so fond of were the increased level requirement for summoning refreshments. Level 38?! I never carried food or drinks with Budman and I was out in the field when it occurred to me that I didn’t have my food conjuring spells, leaving me with nothing to easily return my health. The second thing I wasn’t as happy with, also pertaining to increased level requirements, were the teleport spells. I was unable to teleport back to town because the spells – as I found out – required level 24 (and Budman’s level 22).  Dammit.

So the Mage changes are looking good, for leveling frost mages at least. I  can’t say for end-game or fire or arcane mages, so I’ll leave that to the dedicated mage blogs – I don’t want to step on any squishy toes with my heavy plate-wearing paladin’s boots.

It’s Budman!

BudmanTeleAnybody recognize this handsome devil? It’s Budman of Gavelier’s World of Warcraft fame! I haven’t played him in ages so he was still a lowly level 16 when I signed in on him the other day. Now, he’s level 20 and is playing with his teleportation spells and blinking all over the place.

He’s now a frost mage vice an arcane mage, and has become more and more so as I’ve played him. I was going to put my 19th and 20th talent points into Improved Fireball 2 and 3 (I already had one point in it), but I was getting such use out of my one point in Frostbite so I opted to max it out instead.

I’ve learned a few things while playing him the last day or two. For one, arcane missiles is a mana-killer. I used to love it but now I avoid casting it to save mana. Secondly, I do want to max Improved Fireball at some point because the spell Fireball takes forever to cast. Lastly, I love teleporting because it means I can set my hearthstone to minor settlements and still have access to the capital cities.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed my time as Budman. So much so, actually, that I haven’t played Gav for a few days. Oops!

Gavelier’s World of Warcraft has been Updated


A new Gavelier’s World of Warcraft comic is up, continuing the lead-in to the confrontation of Gavelier, Sibyl, and Budman against Stitches. For those who’ve never read a GWoW comic, Gav is based on the Gavelier you read about here (only about 20+ levels ago) and two allies of his. Budman is a mage, but not a really good one. He has huge dreams and a desire for fame and fortune, and sees following Gav as a way to reach his goals. He’s not a cheap bum, though; he honestly tries to help and is a genuinely good guy (even if he is a little simple). Sibyl on the other hand is a fairly competent warlock and is the only ‘normal’ member of the trio. She and her voidwalker Kragnos first ran across Gav and Budman when the latter were on a quest in Westfall (Gav was helping Budman level). She’s since joined up to try and bolster their chances of success and survival at… well, whatever they happen to be doing at a given time. Gav, personality-wise, is a bit of a braggart (and he tends to get emotional). although he is a fairly decent paladin. He likes to brag about being a ‘hero figure’ to a couple of young adventurers, even though his two followers are both only less then 25 levels behind him (Sibyl is in her mid-twenties and Budman is nearly level 20 now) and gaining. Gav has previously solicited a favor from the Azeroth Mob and it’s leader Chaking, and now owes Chaking a favor in the form of the head of the Horde that beat him up. However, Gav never got attacked by any Horde, but made up the story to hide his feeling inadequate, so now he’s in deep trouble.

Most of the characters you read about are actual characters or are based on actual characters. You’ll also see cameos from a few of my alts, like Goldfox the gnome rogue and Wrain the Night Elf druid. Some, like Kirby, are based on experiences I’ve had, with the events twisted around. For the record, ‘Kirby’ didn’t show up in Booty Bay and flummox me; I actually guided him from Darkshore to the Brewfest at Ironforge. During the trip he died several times and I had to res him, which became semi-frustrating and yet comical at the same time. I thought the idea of a low-level player getting wherever they wanted – even places level 70s wouldn’t dare go alone – with no trouble at all would be funny, so there you go.

I’d love to catch Gav up to his current nigh-level 70 self, but that’s not going to be able to happen until the current story arc finishes, at least. I’ll be posting new comics as I write them.

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