Beta Plays WoW Again

Hey everyone. No pictures this article, and it’s a little late, but I wanted to share this little story with everyone. Beta, my anti-WoW editor on, was in town for a while and finally relented to my constant nagging a few weeks ago and played WoW again. Unlike the last two times, we played together this time. We both rolled Draenei, I a hunter and she a warrior, and we set off of to level as many levels as possible. Actually she got a head start on me and had a two level lead on me before I got logged in.  I caught up to her eventually since the first few levels go so quick and we started questing together.

My Draenei had a horn on his head, so naturally he was named Hornitoad. My moth pet I named Imabug, since any Mothra references seemed trite. I don’t remember Beta’s avatar’s name, but that’s not important I guess.

I had fun questing with her, but I’m not sure if she enjoyed it or not… she didn’t say either way and other then a few stray positive and negative comments , she kept a damn good poker face the whole time.  Oh well. In the end, that’s likely the last I’ll see of her in the game for some time as she returned to Chicago a few weeks ago and lacks a PC that can run WoW there. I was so tempted to bring Gav up to Azuremyst Isle to harass her and show off. Maybe next time.

If there is a next time.

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