Into the Depths


It’s Cataclysm time! Here’s where I waited out the last few minutes until 3:00 AM EST. I ultimately had to log out, spend five minutes logging back in, find out that I had to restart to enable Cataclysm, spend 25 minutes logging back in, and finally now, after 3:30  I could get started. Phew! I trained archeology, engineering, mining, first aid, old-world flying and then followed a quest line that threw me on a boat.


An absolute ton of us headed off to Vashj’ir. Seriously, I don’t know how this boat sailed under this load.


Oh, that’s right. It didn’t. We got sunk.


Uh, that’s not good. I don’t have to fight that, do I? Turns out I didn’t. What I did have to fight, though, was over a hundred other players.


It was over an hour I spent in the entrance area for Vashj’ir, just trying to get the simple goods needed to move on because everyone else wanted them too. On top of that the mobs were spawning at a furious rate. You wouldn’t kill a mob before it’s replacement would show up. You had to pick a fight and lead the baddie away from it’s spawning ground to avoid getting mobbed. In just over an hour here I accumulated almost 3g in repairs, and I never got killed. Holy crap.


Aaaaaahhhh! Help!  Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help!! I’ve been hijacked! The Earthen Ring saved me, thank goodness. Oh, and y’know how I mentioned having almost 3g in repairs? I couldn’t find anyone to repair my gear! I finally found one in a cavern (following a quest line) and I learned that I had also accumulated over 11g in vendor trash. Wow!

So that’s how I spent my first few hours in Cataclysm. I had to bid farewell to a few of my epics, including my beloved Tyrannical Beheader. I’ll never forget you! My new green Barnacle Covered Greataxe is nice, though, with 46 DPS, 48 Stamina, 40 Strength and  99 hit improvements that ol’ battle axe. Yay!

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