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Instead of leading off my first level 85 post with my latest hijinks, I’m instead going to fill in some gaps from my trip to the top. First off, there needs to a be a freaking warning sign next to the guy above. No, not Gav (him too, though). Caimas the (damned) Pit Master. I didn’t know he was a gimmick fight. I knew nothing of leading him through eggs to slow him down. Nope, I just stood toe to toe with him – for about three minutes. Damn was he tough! I had to keep healing, and hitting, and healing, casting Divine Shield,  and healing, and hitting, and waiting for Forbearance to wear off, hitting some more, casting Lay on Hands, using Avenging Wrath twice, hurling an inordinate amount of Hammers of Wrath, healing yet more, and finally living to see him die. I never want to fight him again.


Oh no. No, no, no. I am NOT working with Flintlocke. There is absolutely no way. Have you seen what he’s done to rogues? And trees? I don’t even want to mention his use of the Chuck-Shot. Hopefully he’s not going to….


God dammit. There is no freaking way. This Paladin-Shot sounds far worse then the Chuck-Shot, the Remote Backstab, the Beaverstick, or even the Beaverchucks, mostly because it involves me getting in a cannon that Flintlocke is firing. That just sounds like it will hurt like hell.


AAAAGHH!! Yeah, I let him shoot me out of a cannon. I’m trusting, ok? The problem was, I was shot out into the middle of the freaking bay. I had to swim back, come back into the fort, and – get this – let him shoot me a second time. That’s not trust, people. That’s insanity.

And I didn’t even get a title for my work.

As a side note, I was a huge fan of Flintelocke’s Guide to Azeroth long before I played World of Warcraft. It actually inspired me to write my own web comic on Gavelier’s misadventures, Gavelier’s World of Warcraft (my favorite comic is this one, because it was so true). Dave “Fargo” Kosak, writer of the Flintlocke series on Gamespy was nice enough to read my comic and gave me some nice compliments on my work and some pointers to go by. Thanks again, dude!

I may one day either continue or reboot Gav’s comic, but it’s not likely at the moment – my hand-drawn comic is more important to me right now and it’s been in hibernation for a few weeks itself.

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