81 and Counting


Woo hoo! Guild first to 81! I’m not going to hit 85 first, so this was a nice moment in the sun. I also reached the Friendly rep level with my guild. Yay!


They’re not in this picture, but there was this cow (Tauren) dude who was trying to talk to the brain on the right of the screen. No, I’m not kidding. It was hard to see him with the crowd he gathered but I swear it looked like he was throwing rocks at the thing’s brain while saying, “talk! Talk damn you!” Uhm, I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. You don’t just chuck stuff and something’s brain and it gets chatty. I came through a few times and he was usually hurling stuff and telling it to talk to him. Dumb cow. Eventually he made a crab the intermediary between the two, and guess what? It worked, probably because the crab DIDNT’ TOSS JUNK AT HIS BRAIN LIKE A DUMBASS! Proof that your average crab his smarter then a Tauren.


I joined forces with a  priest at one point and helped her take this big mean thing down. Really. I don’t care if this pic caught me with my axe on my back and my hands at my sides. Seriously, I helped! I naturally led us two in DPS (she was a shadow priest), so yes, I did pitch in. This picture lies.

That’s all for now with Gav. Now I’m going to  go hop on my Wor Machine.

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