PTR Showcases Pre-Cataclysm Events


The PTR is now host to the first pre-Cataclysm event right now, and I sent Gav to check them out and report back what he found.

This post, no bones about  it, includes spoilers from the Cataclysm pre-release events. If you are averse to spoilers, don’t read the full article. If you don’t mind, click through to hear what I saw.


A Death Cult has invaded Stormwind! They are preaching in Old Town, and it’s up to you to find out what they’re up to.

Obviously, they’re aligned with Deathwing.  He’s communicating with them to spread the word of his return. They’re main job, it seems, other then preaching is to build and plant some sort of elemental summoning devices around Stormwind. When I arrived in Stormwind on the PTR, I kept seeing these things and hearing loud booms. It turned out they were summoning Wind Elementals.


Apparently cute li’l level 79 wind elementals are Deathwing’s way of saying, ‘hi.’ They’re easily slaughtered by any old level 80, and aren’t really the most terrifying invaders. Oh well.


During your time completing quests for this event, you spend time as a sandwich board man/woman. You wear a sign board on your chest and back to advertise for the cult. The thing I learned from it is that the cult seems to write in a form of kanji.


Upon completing the series of quests, King Varian Wrynn called out praise for me. That was actually kind of cool.

So phase one of the pre-Cata events are active on the PTR, and you’ve seen the gist of them. There’s likely to be more, so I’ll try and stay on top of those as well.

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