PTR Pre-Cataclysm Events Continue

More pre-Cata spoilers, so therefore another split post. Read on to see what else Gav has seen in the events that will lead up to the Cataclysm.

Gav helped helped protect some courier on the docks of Stormwind harbor to save the Tablets of the Earth. This involved gathering powers from a nearby crystal and using three elemental powers to disperse various elemental baddies by hitting them with their counter element. You know, water for fire elementals, wing for earth elementals, and, uhm… fire for water? Yeah. Sure.

Later, I went to Ironforge and hunted down more earth elementals.


I took them out using a special totem, which seemed like a nod to the upcoming dwarven shaman.


It wasn’t hard (well, protecting the tablets wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t alone) but continues to lead to the upcoming disaster. Cataclysm, here we come.

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