Glyph Management on 4.0.1 PTR


Today I decided to test the new glyph mechanic on the PTR. First up Gav bought a new glyph (Templar’s Verdict) and some Vanishing Powder for erasing old glyphs. I opened the glyph screen as seen above.


Step one was erasing an old glyph. I no longer needed the Glyph of Consecration now that the changes to it’s cost have made it prohibitive for me to cast. So, I  shift-right clicked on the glyph.


Do I wish to erase it? Yes, yes I do. Of course, I can reapply it at any time in the future because it stays in my glyph spell book. Handy!


And there we go. A blank major glyph slot to put my Templar’s Verdict glyph into.

The system, as it stands, isn’t quite working. For example; I have the Glyph of Judgement as a major glyph from live, but here it’s  a prime glyph. I was able to leave my judgment glyph in it’s major slot and place a new one in a prime slot, effectively doubling it’s potency. This will obviously be fixed before the patch goes live, so I’m not too worried. This will make glyph management much easier in the future but I fear for those whose lively hood is based around glyph sales. Without the need to repurchase glyphs their sales will drop. Not that big a deal, I guess, but it’s something that’s I’ve thought about (mostly because of the money I – as a buyer – am  going to save in the deal). This seems to be a change for the better. Good going, Blizz!

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