Gavelier Sees the Return to Graveyard Button in Elwynn


Just for kicks, here’s the new Return to Graveyard button on the PTR. Why is Gav seeing it in Elwynn Forest of all places? The Horde.

I was on the PTR the other night and was just milling about after completing the first string of pre-Cataclysm events and noticed the Horde stalking around south of Goldshire in PvP mode. A number of us went forth and killed them, at which point they respawned and got killed again. And again.

So how did I die? Well, at one point we had them on the run, scattered and seemingly rattled. I opted to jump one I had cornered and – I thought – alone, but now I realize that I couldn’t have possibly telegraphed my attack any more then I did. I hopped off of my mount early, ran for a short to close the distance, judged and then cast my stun. It was at this point that every freaking Horde in the area came down on me. Once in one small area they were easily killed again, but I didn’t live. Dammit.

Oh well. I got a few kills, saved some people, was doing ok and then pulled a dumb-ass move to get killed. Typical Gav.

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