For Gnomeregan!


Here’s Gav, practicing with the Drill Sargent for Operation: Gnomeregan. I completed the quest chain last night (along with seemingly a million other people) and had a good time. Some of it was funny (Mekgineer Thermaplugg was humorous with his rants) and the action was dynamic. At one point we were at the gate to Gnomeregan and… the quest bugged. High Tinker Mekkatorque froze and then disappeared, leaving us dozens of us without his buffs to deal with a mob of elite level 80s. First off, when the hell did they get there?! I also want to know how Thermaplugg – all level 28 of him – is ordering around and controlling them. They could kick his ass and take Gnomeregan for themselves. Oh well.


Well, on try #2 we made it into the city, where we fought. And fought. And fought some more. It was just numbing AoE mob grinding down there. Finally, after another humorous rant or two from Thermaplugg, we had to evacuate when he irradiated the city again, this time with 20x as much radiation as the last time. So, what? What did we accomplish? Did we just waste our time? Gah.

I did do one other thing last night. I picked up a Titanium Razerplate for my gear set to replace my Breastplate of the Imperial Joust. Now I just need to gem it up and enchant it.

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