Dead Death Knight


‘Gleeve’,  actually my death knight Gleave from live, is  the most recent of my transfers to the PTR I trained him up in Unholy and Frost specs. I found that even against Howling Fjord baddies, the frost spec seemed weak. I died in no time flat which was a turn-off. When I switched to unholy, I was fine. Why? I ‘m not sure.It may have had something to do with my lack of dual-wielding weapons (frost’s specialty) but more importantly I was hardly getting any healing from Death Strike. Of course, that didn’t change from frost to unholy, so credit my ghoul as well. Dark Transformation was fun too, but hard to track for me. I had to select my ghoul to see how many stacks he had which was a pain.

The net result of my testing on the PTR is five good spec changes (ret and prot for pallys, demonology warlocks, beast master hunters and unholy death knights) and one not so good one (frost DKs). The testing continues!

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