Baking up Trouble on the PTR

I’m back with more pre-Cataclysm updates, so here we go again. It’s split-post time!


This quest to arrest Cultist Infiltrators, formerly bugged, has been fixed. I quickly rounded up the five I needed and took them to the Stockades.  Once done, I was asked to go to the cultist camp by Mirror Lake to learn the summoning chant so I could disrupt the cultist summoning circles around town. Once I did I set to work chanting the wrong spell at the circles.


“Ancients of wheat and water, I have peppered the way for you. Come forth and glaze Stormwind!”

Yes, that’s literally what I said.


Boom! Hahaha… that was satisfying. Even more amusing was the complaint called at me by one of the cultists.

“You fool! This is a ritual, not a recipe!”

Hopefully after this Deathwing’s minions will bring cakes and other goodies. I just hope I’m not in Stormwind when it gets glazed. That could be a sticky situation.

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