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Today we’re going to open with an Alazar’s Party Starter, something we haven’t done since late April. I’m going to try and make this a weekly column, but no promises.

Our topic today is about Alazar itself. We’ve undergone quite a transformation in the last three years. We launched back in October of 2008 as a way to get WoW out of my main blog for Since then, Alazar has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s been busy, it’s been quiet, but it’s always been active.  Here are some of my favorite posts over the years.

  • (Oct. 2008) Druids are my Bane – This post covered my struggles doing quests for Night Elf druids. I got on a good rant here. This was my first major post.
  • (Jan. 2009) Outlands or Northrend? The Time is Now, Gavelier – I wrote this post literally as I was standing in Stormwind’s trade district, pondering what I should do. I was excited about going to Northrend but I didn’t want to miss everything in Outlands. Ah, decisions.
  • (Apr. 2009) Gav Assaults Wintergrasp – This began my obsession with Lake Wintergrasp. I’ve been there countless times since, but this is where it started.
  • (Apr. 2009) Gav News and Notes – an inauspicious name, and a calm beginning to the post bely my excitement: I had finally hit level 80. Time to celebrate with a video!
  • (Jul. 2009) Gav’s First 10-Man Dungeon – My first raid! My old guild Savagely Dysfuntional called for all level 80s to come help run Obsidian Sanctum so I came. They actually had to talk me out of going to Wintergrasp instead. It was fun, even if I did get hit by one of the lava waves.
  • (Jul. 2009) Path of the Paladin: Premiere Post – My first attempt at a live blog. I’ll have to do another of these some day.
  • (Jan. 2010) Beta did What?! – Betasim, my counterpoint, is notoriously anti-WoW. However, on one night in January 2010 she gave the game a shot. I still hope that someday she’ll come back to it.
  • (Apr. 2010) Alazar Party Starter – Death by Death Knight –  Finally, my most recent APS. The reason this is so special is that I submitted a modified version to (now WoW Insider) and got it published there. Publicity!

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