401 Pre-Cataclysm Preview: Stormwind Update

Once again, pre-Cataclysm spoilers, so here’s the ol’ split post once more. This time we delve into the meat (and the gristle) of the events.


You see these people? You’re supposed to read them King Varian Wrynn’s  proclamation and search them. The reading goes well, but the searching does not. Only one out of some dozen-plus citizens was searchable, and everyone was crowded around them. Clicking on them before everyone else was an exercise in frustration.


Once you’ve finally done that, you’re to go arrest Cultist Infiltrators. Guess what? They don’t respond either, and there’s no single one that can be used by everybody like in the search quest. I – like pretty much everyone – got stuck here. Dammit.


But then the skies grew dark, the guards chased lowbies and NPC citizens off of the streets, and the real heart of the sequence took place. Here’s a pic of part of the gathering of level 80s to rebuff the elemental invasion.


The skies opened up, wind and water elementals attacked, and we were charged with planting sandbags around (see the green arrow) to stem the tide (literally). Once that was done, elemental rifts opened up, unleashed elite elementals into the streets. These, unlike their easily soloable brethren, required teamwork and nearly killed me when I charged one before noticing it was elite.


After killing the mobs in the Trade District and closing the rifts, we had to spread out and close the rifts in the other districts.  Once that was done, we were asked to go and kill four dungeon bosses, but I had to call it a night then.

I think Blizzard is going all-out to roll out Cataclysm, and I think everyone will like what they see.

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