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Baking up Trouble on the PTR

I’m back with more pre-Cataclysm updates, so here we go again. It’s split-post time!

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More Updated Water Images


I originally posted this pic to demonstrate the new water effects on the PTR, but I wasn’t satisfied with it as an example. In my opinion it gives a poor impressio of a very nice new touch to Azeroth. Therefore, I’ve got two more pictures.


It looks much more convincing in the daylight, I think.


You can also see the improvements here in Elwynn Forest. Was this post necessary? No, but I felt the need to clarify the situation.

401 Pre-Cataclysm Preview: Stormwind Update

Once again, pre-Cataclysm spoilers, so here’s the ol’ split post once more. This time we delve into the meat (and the gristle) of the events.

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Gavelier at Brewfest


Hey, everyone, how are you enjoying Brewfest? Personally, it’s gone pretty well. I’ve run rams all around Dun Morogh and Ironforge for the last few days, but I finally got what I wanted: membership to the Brew of the Month Club. Yay! I also kill Coren Direbrew about every day. Today I ran a group with a druid tank who said, “everybody on Direbrew, make it quick.” Make it quick, huh?


I put out  2k more DPS then the next highest player, almost hitting 5k (4.79k, actually). I think that qualifies as doing my job fast. I netted the Bitter Balebrew Charm to go with the Mithril Pocketwatch I got the other day. Pretty nice, but I want a Great Brewfest Kodo. That’s my ultimate goal right now. Onward, Gavelier!

Gavelier Sees the Return to Graveyard Button in Elwynn


Just for kicks, here’s the new Return to Graveyard button on the PTR. Why is Gav seeing it in Elwynn Forest of all places? The Horde.

I was on the PTR the other night and was just milling about after completing the first string of pre-Cataclysm events and noticed the Horde stalking around south of Goldshire in PvP mode. A number of us went forth and killed them, at which point they respawned and got killed again. And again.

So how did I die? Well, at one point we had them on the run, scattered and seemingly rattled. I opted to jump one I had cornered and – I thought – alone, but now I realize that I couldn’t have possibly telegraphed my attack any more then I did. I hopped off of my mount early, ran for a short to close the distance, judged and then cast my stun. It was at this point that every freaking Horde in the area came down on me. Once in one small area they were easily killed again, but I didn’t live. Dammit.

Oh well. I got a few kills, saved some people, was doing ok and then pulled a dumb-ass move to get killed. Typical Gav.

PTR Pre-Cataclysm Events Continue

More pre-Cata spoilers, so therefore another split post. Read on to see what else Gav has seen in the events that will lead up to the Cataclysm.

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Fun’s Brewing at the annual Brewfest


It’s the Brewfest! I stopped by the Brewfest outside of Ironforge with Gav this morning and did all of the available quests. They included catching Wolpertingers, slaying Pink Elekks, and racing Rams around to deliver beer. I also slayed Coren Direbrew, who was an absolute wuss. We showed up, the tank attacked him and we DPS’d him down. No big deal. The fun part was that I got Direbrew’s Remote. I immediately summoned my personal borer and went to the Grim Guzzler.




I’d never been there, so a couple of nice goblins got the band L80ETC to rock out for me.


That just made my morning.

PTR Showcases Pre-Cataclysm Events


The PTR is now host to the first pre-Cataclysm event right now, and I sent Gav to check them out and report back what he found.

This post, no bones about  it, includes spoilers from the Cataclysm pre-release events. If you are averse to spoilers, don’t read the full article. If you don’t mind, click through to hear what I saw.

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Odd Update

At 6:05 EDT, the World of Warcraft launcher gave me this:


I don’t know what it is yet, but I wager – due to it’s art – that it has something to do with the upcoming Cataclysm update (which I will expand upon in a future post). I’ll keep you updated if anything comes of this.

Wake Up, Pig! Boars Rest in 4.0.1

The latest PTR patch includes a rest ability for boars and bears. This ability increases your pet’s happiness some, but also makes them inactive for 15 seconds. I was aware that bears had this power, but when I took Lug out on the new PTR and Pig refused to attack – opting to take naps instead – I researched the ability to find out that boars share it as well. Why? I know not. It was also set to auto cast, which was what brought on Pig’s sleepy demeanor.

So hunters, take note. Boars and bears are lazy, and you need to tell them they can’t take naps mid-battle. Lesson learned.


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