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Life of a Hero – Part 3

It’s time for another Life of a Hero. Today I’m showing some minor mile markers from Gav’s 20s.


We pick up Gav’s adventures from my first foray into Duskwood.  The Nightwatch’s warning, the skeleton in the middle of the road… it was nerve wracking. I didn’t find out what it was all about though at the time.


I’ve arrived in the Wetlands! I like the Wetlands for what ever reason, so I’ll be sad to see it changed in Cataclysm.


Other then the addition of the Titan Panel add on, this pic show me back in Duskwood having my first encounter with Stitches.


I totally panicked, but he’s quick for such a massive beast. Of course, even if I didn’t panic, it wouldn’t have helped; I was no match.


And here’s a screen that allot of humans in their 20’s  can relate to. This actual encounter eventually spawned my favorite Gavelier’s World of Warcraft comic ever. I don’t think I’ll ever get back into making the comic again, but it’s still there… waiting…

Leveling Crane for Kicks


I was leveling my warlock, Crane yesterday in the Wetlands. He gained two levels (from 24 to 26) and I had a good time. One interesting event happened while Crane was still level 25 in the Excavation Site. He had his voidwalker, Kragnos tanking a raptor when he was set upon by Sarltooth. Now, as I wrote, he was level 25, and Sarltooth is level 29. I figured I was dead, but I managed to Fear him over and over again while helping Kragnos down his quarry. Once he did, we finally turned our full attention on Sarltooth.


We killed him and I lived! Yay! It was a productive evening.

Bulling Through the Levels


Lug was busy last night. I took him across Thousand Needles, reaching level 30 there and then up to Ashenvale to reach 31, and finally back down the Thousand Needles to kick around for a while and work on 32. This is my favorite pic from last night, it shows Pig tanking a Searing Infernal for me while on the quest Never Again. The quest was a relatively easy (aside from an accidental overpull in the shrine, which pit Lug one-on-one with one an Infernal. For once I didn’t panic, and managed to trap him in ice. I quickly helped Pig kill our original target (a Roaming Felguard), at which point he picked up the Infernal before he was unfrozen. Hooray for strategy!

I encountered packs of Alliance players twice during my play. At one point while in Demon Fall (the area with the Felguards and Infernals) I was watched by a group of three alliance players (a mage, a druid and something else), who just stared at me killing demons before heading into the quest area. Maybe they were wishing it was a PvP server so they could kick my ass. If they weren’t, a group of higher-level Night Elves (levels 33-35) in Thousand Needles definitely were. They brought mobs to me (which was pointless because the mobs they fetched weren’t threats to Pig and I) and then tried to stand atop the mob to trick me into attacking them. However, none of them ever went into PvP themselves, so I couldn’t attack them if I wanted to. Oh, they got out their weapons and gestured wildly, the hunter acted like they were going to shoot me and Pig, a druid turned to cat form and followed me around… it was downright amusing. I calmly killed the mobs they brought and sauntered on my way. I never saw them again.

Sometimes I wonder if what they say about the Alliance being bad at PvP is true. And then I remember Gav’s my main, and he’s been Alliance for two and a half years.

Maybe that’s my answer.

Mumble Grumble

I’m kind of depressed. It seems that all of the WoW blogs I read have writers in the Cataclysm beta. Alazar is approaching it’s 2nd anniversary and has over 250 posts to date, and yet I sit on the ouside looking in. Alazar’s not big, but it’s been around the block. This is the kind of thing I think about when I read about folks testing and reporting on the beta left and right.

Anyway, here’s a quick pic that I took with Lug riding his Kodo in the Thousand Needles the other day. I thought it was a great pic.


Nice, huh? It was a beautiful morning.


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