This Just In: Gav and Bear Kill Black Knight!

Gav was back in action tonight and had another memorable experience. I queued for a dungeon and 23 minutes later, I reached the Trial of the Champion. I died in the jousting phase when I was knocked from my horse and trampled. I quickly re-zoned into the instance and we blew through the champions and the mobs around Paletress. but she was tough. She summoned a shadow Cyanigosa who promptly beat us down. We finally killed her but it took forever. Paletress herself was a pushover. Finally, the Black Knight arrived.  We shot right through his first phase and were doing ok on the second phase until the ghouls he summoned got loose. The spread among us and killed two of us – a DPS and our healer. Another DPS died shortly after the third phase began. That left a bear druid and myself to two-man his last phase. Y’know what?

We did it.

Yeah, we kicked his last form’s ass, but it was touch and go obviously. When it was over the bear was under 40 HP, and I was down there, too. It took my Bubble, a runic healing potion, a handful of Flash of Lights and a lot of luck to keep me alive. We did it though. Yay! We then rezzed everyone and passed out the loot.

It was a good run for all, with no poor attitudes or arguments. That’s how a run should go.

Except… maybe with a little less stress at the end.

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