Into the Pit of Saron


This was the image the greeted me upon joining a PUG a short while ago. The Pit of Saron! I’d never been there before, obviously. Fortunately, we had a great group. One other player had never done it before, but we had a very experienced tank which was very good for our confidence. He calmly described every fight to us for optimal success and kept giving us praise for getting things right. Anyway, upon entering a cave (I joined half-way through) leading to the final boss, the tank said to not cast, heal or hit anything until he gathered all the mobs onto a platform in the middle of the cave. Suicide. Absolute suicide. Or rather, it would be…

… if I wasn’t there.

By the time he got to the platform he 90%+ dead, so right before he died I hit him with my Lay on Hands and we all survived. We entered Scourgelod Tyrannus’ room and gathered ourselves for the battle.
UhOhTyrannusThe tank commanded the rest of the DPS to his flanks, and the battle commenced. It was a LONG battle, too. I put forth 3.6k DPS (!) and we killed him with no casualties. Yes! Oh, and as icing on the cake, he dropped the Tyrannical Beheader, and I got it to replace my Edge of Ruin. HELL YEAH!

TryannicalBeheader I hit it with the Massacre enchant and now I’m ready for anything!

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