Lighting and Beta

Another random heroic, another group minus a DPS at Ionar in Halls of Lightning, the second time that’s happened to me. I wonder what it is that makes DPS drop at that point so often? Anyway, I got tossed into a group and we promptly swept through the end of the dungeon. Once we killed Loken, our mage copped a ‘tude and ranted about him carrying everyone that fight. He did do almost twice as much DPS (8k) as the next highest (4.5k, me), but his attitude was not welcome. I got my rewards – including yet another frozen orb – and left as quickly as I could. I’m growing weary of high-horse riding players complaining that other players are holding them back when we clear runs with no issues. No one died and we were through it in no time.

In unrelated news, Beta, my counterpart on, has had a vicious anti-WoW stance since the game came out. I got her to try it for one evening, but that was short lived. Now I learn that she signed up for a ten-day trial and didn’t tell me. Actually, she opted to tell me after it was over. That was cruel, I feel, because I’ve been trying to get someone I know to play with me forever. I’m still upset.

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