Heroic Guild Runs

Last night was another long, long night in Azeroth. In three and a half hours I got to chat with guildies, run some heroics with ‘em, and nab enough Emblems of Triumph to get a new helmet.

I first ran a Culling of Stratholme random with a PUG, but we screwed up and forgot to bring Arthas in the last part. Going back to get him got us all killed. Fun! I also missed out on the Bronze Drake again, but this time it was on a fair greed roll, so I have no complaints.

Later a guildie and I, along with a friend of his, ran three more heroics; Oculus, Hall of Stone and Nexus. The first two were relatively uneventful but the Nexus run had problems. First, our tank (my guildie) and a hunter (my guildie’s friend) got disconnected. My guildie got back on quick but his buddy was off for a while. We also had a relatively inexperienced lvl 80 priest for a healer who did fairly good, but we overdrew at one point and I died. Our warlock actually rezzed me with a Gnomish Army Knife.  Our hunter got back on eventually, but by that time we had four-manned about half of the dungeon.

In the end, I got my helmet  and we said so long for the night. It was a very successful night, and I had a good time.

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