Ulduar Two Times


I ran a quick random heroic tonight and ended up in the Hall of Stone. We cleared it pretty quick, but that was to be far from the last of the Ulduar area I’d see tonight.

A guildie reached out to see if any of us needed the weekly raid kill, Flame Leviathan Must Die!. I did, and he talked me in to going. We gathered a group of 10 and set forth.


I was invited to be a gunner, but by the time we got there, somehow that was lost in the discussion and I ended up on a motorcycle. I did pretty good and my bike never fell below 78% health, but it was a learning curve to start. For one, I had no idea what my bike’s powers did. Some screwing around finally taught me that my sonic horn did damage, and my ‘tar’ ability was like Gav’s consecration power. We rolled through the courtyards, and blasted the hell out of… something blue falling from the sky. Sorry, no idea what it was and no one had time to explain. Finally, the Flame Leviathan came out to play.


We killed him too, in short order. I kinda sucked, but I was never in danger, so that was nice. Oh, and I got an achievement for it to boot.

Now all this would be nice enough, but as an engineer I scavenged the Leviathan’s wreckage and came away with 18 saronite bars, 3 eternal shadows, 2 eternal fire, 5 overcharged capacitors, plus the schematics for Jeeves. Nice.

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