Into the Nexus!


Now this is more like it. I queued for a Heroic today, and after 10 minutes of waiting and one failed group (the tank declined his invitation), I got to go into the Nexus today. This, for once, is a dungeon I’m familiar with. I’ve healed it before and I’ve done DPS here, so there’s a comfort zone in place. I was last or next to last in DPS for all but the last fight when I reached 2nd highest. Our mage was putting out almost 3k DPS and I was second with 1.8k. Not great, but I’m still rusty. Anyway, when Keristrasza fell, she dropped the Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle, and I won it on greed. It’s not better then my Girdle of Arrogant Downfall (especially since I just socketed it with a Bold Stormjewel – vice a Bold Scarlet Ruby – from today’s Bag of Fishing Treasures), but it’s nice to actually have a memento from my adventures.

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