Honor and Battle in Patch 3.3.3


I logged in this afternoon, post 3.3.3, and turned my handful of honor marks from the battlegrounds into emblems that I could then use to earn honor. Unfortunately, they could only be collected in stacks of 10. Therefore, everyone was collecting 10 emblems and converting them one by one, over and over again. Of course, some dumb ass thought this collection of players was the perfect place to pull out a train set. Jerk.

I then queued for my first random battleground, landing in Arathi Basin.

Arathi1Bad memories of the Eye of the Storm battleground match I was in came flooding back. Like that match, the Alliance team was way overmatched. We lost, big time, but I had the best round this time of anyone on my side. With 9 killing blows and 31 honorable kills, I was the leading killer for the Alliance. Of course, two paladins on the horde combined for 34 killing blows and 114 honorable kills, dwarfing anything I did. I helped kill them each twice, though – not important, but fun nonetheless. I only died three times this battle, versus the 11 I had in that earlier EotS match. One anecdote from this match was myself, heading up two other paladins, convincing the two killer Horde pallys I mentioned earlier to hesitate instead of charging in, and when at last they did we killed them both. It was satisfying and I got both killing blows. Bonus!

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