Hit and Axe – a Minor Problem

I mentioned last post that I got a new axe. I like it, but it has presented some problems. For one, my two-handed axe skill was at 378 (out of 400) so that needed work. However, the axe itself lacked the hit rating of my former sword, so that was a problem. I was soon found myself over 40 points shy of being hit-capped, which meant that any damage I was going to do would be tempered with misses. I thought about redoing some of my gems or enchants when it hit me – I could swap out my goggles for that Spiked Titansteel Helmet I’ve been lugging around for months and make up almost all of the hit rating I would lose by going to the axe. Nice! Now I just need to enchant my axe and finish grinding my 2H axe skill (I’m at 283 or so right now) and I’ll be set.

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