Gundrak Attack


I wound up in Gundrak again tonight, and I have to say that with a decent group, it’s not a bad instance. I was with three members from one same guild and a boomkin druid with an odd play style. We quickly blitzed the first boss of two, but when we killed Eck the Ferocious, we had two problems. For one, one of our DPS – one of the trio from the same guild – dropped group. We found out later that he thought that Eck was the final boss (for whatever reason), and once he learned otherwise he joined back up. The bigger problem was that our dumb-bunny druid decided to go sightseeing on his own and got himself killed. I actually noticed him go off on his own and was debating who to follow, the healer and the tank or the druid before opting for the safety of the healer/tank combo. Once we were all back together, we quickly swept through Gal’Darah and finished the run. I say quickly, but between waiting for the one DPS to rejoin, the druid to rez, and the druid constantly making us wait for his cool downs to be up (“oh no, I need three minutes to get my cool downs up. Lets just stand here and wait!”), it took us close to a half an hour to clear the place, and we clearly out-geared it. I had fun though, and I wouldn’t mind running with that bunch again.

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