Clearing The Old Kingdom

I wound up in Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom last night with another interesting group. We had a tank in partial PvP gear (like I can talk about people wearing PvP gear), a decent hunter, a well-geared restoration shaman and a fresh-to-80 feral druid in cat form. The cat let us know it was his first time here, so it became a learning run.

The first boss or two were pushovers, but when it came time to fight Jedoga Shadowseeker, we hit a problem. The first problem was that I was putting out way more threat then our tank, so I was constantly having to stop attacking and back peddle while he refocused the boss. Worse was that the tank and our hunter died, leaving the healer, the newbie cat and me to fight her. While the cat and I kept the boss busy, the healer did a battle resurrection on the tank to get him back in the fight. We didn’t wipe, which was impressive to me – I needed my lay-on-hands spell once during the fight, but we lived. I actually needed my divine shield spell three times this run, plus lay-on-hands. It was a touch-and-go run to be sure.

The final boss, Herald Volazj, was no big deal, not even with him driving us ‘insane,’ making us fight each other’s spirits. I like this pic I got from that fight.


Gav! I mean, the other Gav, the bad one – stop dropping judgment hammers on people! This pic just happened to catch my doppelganger judging one of my party members, in particular our shaman. Hey, Other Gav – We need her for the boss! Dumbass.

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