Clearing the Keep, PUG-style


I hopped into a PUG last night and ended up with an… interesting group in Utgarde Keep. We wiped fighting trash mobs in the drake pens, and we were unable to discern who was at fault. Our healer claimed they were getting hit while trying to heal, so the tank finally took blame. Our mage – who later turned out to be a bad apple – made fun of the tank for losing aggro, but we moved on. We cleared the rest of the dungeon with little fanfare and dropped Ingvar the Plunderer’s two forms lightning quick. Once he fell, that mage I mentioned earlier (named Shiifty), needed on everything and once he got them quickly dropped group. We agreed that he was the problem from before and peacefully went on our way. He had been making rude comments and mocking everyone the whole run, so we should have seen it coming. In the end, none of the loot at the end was useful, so he didn’t get away with anything, but I’ll remember him later.

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