Catching up With Gavelier, Post Ulduar

This is mostly a follow-up of the last post, covering points I missed and discussing what’s happened since those events.

I forgot to cover a couple things I wanted to share about my Halls of Stone run while on my Leviathan-killing high. For one, I spent most of the run at the top of the DPS meters before settling into a happy second behind a rogue, trailing him by less then 200 DPS. When Sjonnir the Ironshaper – the final boss we fought – ultimately fell, the rogue and I were dead. We died just before the boss succumbed, and I was about a half a second away from casting my bubble when I died. The rogue ended the run with 2.42k DPS, and I was close behind with 2.29k. At least the tank – doing a respectable 2.11 DPS herself  lived. She couldn’t hold aggro well, though, which accounts for why my DPS dropped from the start of the run to the end – I got paranoid about pulling mobs off the tank again and again.

After I helped killed the Leviathan later that night and got the Jeeves schematic, I looked up what was involved in making it, and holy moly is it going to be a long and expensive build. Step one for me was to get the Field Repair Bot 74A schematic from Blackrock Depths, when meant I had to find Blackrock Depths.



I was there once before, running a low level dude around, but I found it that time by total accident. Seriously – I wasn’t looking where I was going and I walked right off the upper level into the lava below. One bubble later and I’m safe on the bottom floor, following the lower-level guy into the instance. This time I had to find it the old-fashioned way and it took me about 15 minutes. Once in, I read instructions I found on to try and find the schematics, but they weren’t too detailed and I got turned around again and again. Fortunately I had grabbed – by advice – a surplus of Powerful Seaforium Charges before heading out, and was able to blast open doors and some hanging gear-thing to get to the plans.


The next plans needed were for the Field Repair Bot 110G, which took me about 25 minutes of spawn-camping Gan’arg Analyzers in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Finally, I needed to get the Scrapbot Construction Kit by turning the quest from the SCRAP-E card in Storm Peaks. Fortunately, I’ve long had the card and just needed the parts to go turn in. I happened to get five overcharged capacitors from looting the Leviathan, and I had the requisite cobalt bolts in the bank. Now I’ve got the plans, but this brings up the expensive part of the process. I can either farm parts for days or pay out the nose for them. Some options, huh?

Well, that’s about all I wanted to cover today. A last point of note is that I finally got an Argent Crusader’s Tabard today, which is something I’ve worked on now and again for quite some time now.



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