Alterac Valley Attack


Today was near the end of the Call to Arms: Alterac Valley battleground weekend, so I opted to give it a go. What I found was my favorite battleground yet. It’s tough, no doubt, with 40 players per side creating chaos, but it’s also the easiest to understand for me. It reminds me allot of the Battlefield series of games in style. You eliminate your opponents reinforcements via either killing players or taking control of territory to choke their supply.

I had a mediocre match, partially because it looked like everyone wanted me dead for whatever reason. About halfway through the match, anytime I’d show my head near a scrum, the Horde would drop what they were doing and pile on me. What, did I look like easy prey? I wasn’t, mind you – I nabbed the Damage Control achievement and was in the top 15 in both honorable kills (85) and damage done (430.5k) for he Alliance. I also assaulted a graveyard to help our war efforts. We won too, which was a nice bonus. An odd note is that I now have 50 Arena Points. What the heck do I with these, and why give them to players for fighting in battlegrounds? The cheapest things I can find that are buyable with Arena Points are worth a couple thousand Arena Points, so doling them out in 25 per day is kind of stingy. Of course, I’m of the opinion that they should not be part of the Random Battleground deal anyway. BGs =/= Arenas.

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