Pardon The Dust

If it seems a little lonely here in Alazar, it’s because my stupid account is on hold again. I had a ton of other stuff that needed worked on (Gavelier’s World of Warcraft among them) so I needed to step away for a little while. However, in the last few days or so, I’ve had that yearn. I want to go back. That got me thinking: what will I do when I do get back?

Naturally, Gav needs to re-sharpen his blade on Cult of the Damned skulls at the Argent Tournament dailies, and I’d like to hit up Wintergrasp again. Budman, Gleave, Crane and Lug all need leveling. I have some new article ideas I want to work on (more on that in a second), so that’s something to look in to. Then there’s reconnecting with my guild and seeing what they’ve been up to. That’s important too.

About the new articles, I’ve got a few ideas that want to pass along. One is a semi-daily ramble, one to get both me and you readers off on the right foot. Second, I want to make a ‘life of Gavelier’ post that tells the stories of his early days, long before Alazar was around.

Alazar has a lot of life left in it, so stick around and see what comes up.

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