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I was in Stormwind on New Year’s Eve, and got – for whatever reason – a desire for the croc pet from the Outlands fishing quest. I’d read about it in the Warcraft Magazine online preview, and decided it sounded easy enough to get. Rather then waste my hearth to Dalaran just to get to Shattrath, and rather then pay a mage to port me there, I used my ‘ultrasafe’ transporter. Ultra safe my foot – it turned me into a Night Elf for an hour! When I got to the fishing quest dude, Old Man Barlo, luck was with me as he was handing out the Crocolisks in the City quest that night. Yes! That quest was reported to have something like a 70% drop rate in the reward bag of a croc pet, so I was psyched. I took the portal to Stormwind and fished my crocolisk up in short order. While I was headed back to the mage’s tower so I could take the Blasted Lands portal, a level 17 paladin stopped me. He wanted someone to help him get the head of Bazil Thedd from the Stockade Riots. I agreed and we swept the place quickly. My Hand of Reckoning – my taunt – was killing mobs. He got what he came for, and as we were leaving he stopped to ask how I got to be a Night Elf paladin. I laughed and told him, ‘transporter malfunction.’ He just said, ‘oh,’ and left.

I took the Blasted Lands portal, went through the Dark Portal, and flew to Old Man Barlo near Shatt. Turning the quest in, I got my Bag of Fishing Treasures, and inside, was Snarly’s Bucket, home of the pet (Snarly) I started this whole process for. Hooray! To wrap up a good night’s work, I watched the New Year’s fireworks in Shattrath.

NewYears10 Happy New Year, everyone.

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