Hall of Lightning Gets Struck Down


I entered my first random heroic dungeon tonight with a true pick-up group. I signed into the Dungeon Finder, and ended up with a cross-server crew in the Halls of Lightning. Well, if it was lightning, we were thunder. Our tank (a death knight) knew just what the hell he was doing, and we effin’ blitzed the place. We nabbed the Shatter Resistant and Timely Death achievements as we cleared it. We steered clear of unnecessary fights, thanks to our tank’s know-how. The sad part is that I died twice. Dammit! It amounted to 16g in repairs back in Dalaran. I only got The General’s Steel Girdle for my trouble. I saw the Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver drop before me, but I didn’t get it. Damn. Oh well, I did get two more frost emblems. Yay!

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