Beta did What?!

I saw something I thought I’d never see; something more rare then Bigfoot hopping on the moon:

Betasim played World of Warcraft last night.

For those of you out of the loop, Beta swears disdain towards the ‘life killer’ that is WoW. She says some of her friends paid more attention to it then her and the rest of a group, trying to play Dungeons and Dragons (that, my friends, is overload to me. WoW and D&D at the same time? Holy crap).

Well, for whatever reason she opted to give it a go last night. She rolled up a Tauren druid and off she went. At first she didn’t use her spells, but that didn’t last long. She wanted to forgo the quest to learn to train, deciding instead to ‘figure it out herself.’ I told her there was a little XP to be gotten from the quest, and she reluctantly went back for it. Beta disliked the downtime between swings on her staff. I remember that feeling; Gav had a sword around level 50 that was abysmally slow.

She eventually sauntered out of the newbie area around level 5, and was set upon by her first aggroable mob; a wolf. She killed it, and quickly developed an awareness to wandering creatures. Once in Bloodhoof village she got another quest to nab some bits and bobs from critters, but died some four times trying to get them. She opted to hearth back to Bloodhoof, except… she thought Red Cloud Mesa was Bloodhoof, and she had her hearthstone set there still. Thus, she had to wander all the way back (griping about her slow run speed the whole way).

Beta could be a good player if she put the time in, but with school, teaching and work, she doesn’t have allot of free time. Here’s hoping she enjoyed herself enough to start playing once in a while!

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