Return of the Equal-Opportunity Team Killer


The scene: a paladin enters the monster’s lair with his allies, set on her destruction. The monster, however, is aware of his approach and engages him in conversation before the battle.

  • Cyanigosa: “You again. Returning to the site of your greatest victories? What more have I that you want?”
  • Gavelier: “Your head, fiend. I’m here to put an end to you once and for all!”
  • Cy: “That’s a fool’s errand, boy. You and your allies are doomed here, and my guards will see to it that you will never even get to me!”
  • Gav: “That’s the only way you could survive, beast; hiding behind your minions. You always were a coward.”
  • Cy: “I still remember the cold pain of your blade from the last time you were here, oh so many months ago. Where have you been, young champion?”
  • Gav: “Err… off. Off on great adventures. Conquering other mighty beasts. Yeah. In… other games.”
  • Cy: “What?! You would forsake your life and duty here to ‘play’ in other lands? Ha! I doubt you could even get off a Divine Storm before I slay you!”
  • Gav: (mumbling) “I’m not here as ret, actually. I’m healing. See? Blue armor? Small sword? Glowing shoulder-thingies? I’m the healer.”
  • Cy: *guffawing* “You’re screwed. Don’t make too big a mess wiping, and close the door on your way out.”

Cyanigosa was right: I was screwed. My group (consisting of one guildie and a handful of his friends) died three times on Ichoron, twice with a Death Knight who was doing under 650 DPS and once with a good boomkin Druid doing around 2k DPS. Once we cleared that hurdle, we died on Erekem before calling it quits. I never even saw that accursed dragon. The bad part was, with patch 3.3 dropping today, that was my last chance to do and turn in the Heroic Violet Hold daily, and I failed. I did net Dehydration the time we dropped Ichoron, though.

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