Catching Up: 12-24-09


It’s been a while since I’ve updated you folks on Gavelier’s status, so here’s a summary.

  • My new guild has talked me into getting on Vent with them, but I had no microphone – or so I thought. I managed to jury-rig my Xbox 360 headset through my Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, and whadya know; I’m chatting. The funniest part was listening to a conversation and piping up finally, prompting a girl to ask – in a very quiet voice – “who’s that…?” Everyone said, “It’s Gav, don’t worry.” I’d been on vent earlier in the day when we went soul searching.
  • By ‘soul searching,’ I mean that we went into (non-heroic) Forge of Souls, the new 5-man instance. It was an incredibly smooth run, aided by our kick-ass DPS and the voice chat. What a difference that makes! Anyway, I came out of there with the Plated Grips of Korth’azz for my trouble, and the bosses were pushovers. One more note; with out group we fielded in there, we goofed and pulled a few more baddies then we should have at times, but we never died. Go team!
  • Unfortunately, that adventure in the Forge of Souls came after we got our asses kicked in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom. We barely made it to the first boss (wiping twice on the way), and he killed us easily three times before we called it off.
  • We also ran The Oculus tonight for our (mostly ‘my’, guess) random heroic of the day as well, and completed it, netting me two Emblems of Frost. Yay! We wiped on the final boss three times before we lost one of our random members. We replaced him with a guildie and beat the ever-loving tar out of Ley-Guardian Eregos. Well, my guildies did. Like my last trip in there with my old guild, I died before the boss was dropped. Oh well.


Well, that’s about all Gav’s been up to. I lastly wanted to point out that about a month or so ago I netted the ‘Crusader’ title, so I am now Crusader Gavelier. Nice ring, ne?

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