3.3 Delays

Another large content patch, another long maintenance session. Of course, no one who’s been through a few of these it surprised. I just hope it’s not as bad as patch 3.1 was. While we wait, let’s discuss the patch.

My biggest draw in this patch? The eased leveling curve for low level toons. Now I may be able to get some of my characters out of the levels 5-10 range and into their 20s, where the game starts opening up. Ret paladins aren’t getting nerfed or buffed significantly this patch, which is a nice change. I miss getting a new toy or having one of my existing ones buffed, but I don’t miss getting walloped with the nerf bat. Prot and holy pallys took the hit this time. Wait, I’m half holy! In truth, I don’t see much that’s going to affect my play any.

The big ‘ooh, aah’  feature this patch is the Random Dungeon Finder, which will group you with people to do dungeons, heroics or raids based, bypassing the age-old pick-up group social barrier. It’s allot like queuing for a battleground in that you sign up for an instance, and once a group is formed you teleport straight to the dungeon. When you are done, you get ported back to wherever you were when the instance started. Via the random dungeon system, you can actually run heroics more then once a day.

In any case, my server is up now, so I’m off to test the waters. Adieu!

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