Violet Hold? More Like Violent Hold

Cyanigosa must hate seeing me come through that Violet Hold door. I killed her again today, again for the heroic daily. The Loot Gods seem to finally be giving me a pass on my bad-mouthing of dungeons after failing on Azjol-Nerub the other day, since I came out of this run with more goodies then all of my other runs combined. A Frozen Orb, the Gauntlets of Capture, and some greens (Kraken Vambraces of Spell Power and Revenant Gauntlets of Shadow Protection). Not bad for a half-hour or so of baddie slaying. No deaths, thanks to a well geared pick-up group. I was by far the most poorly geared, so I was only third on the DPS chart. A balance druid was doing 2.4k damage, and the tank we had was a really good one. Our healer (who’d I’d grouped with before – she was the resto druid my guild picked up once to replace a shoddy shaman) was again kick-ass and kept us all at nearly full health. It’s nice when a run is as smooth as this one was once in a while.

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