Trial of the Champions – Conquered

I finally ran the Trial of the Champions dungeon (on regular mode). A pickup group, which featured three folks who’d never run it before – myself included, obviously – took a shot at it and cleared it, no problem. We ended up fighting Onyxia as a boss ‘from our past,’ even though I’d never fought her before. lol Anyway, once we killed the Black Knight (all three times), a sweet drop fell that I wanted: the Girdle of Arrogant Downfall. It was a modest improvement over my Girdle of Valorous Defeat, so when I rolled greed on it, I literally had my fingers crossed. Luck was with me, as I won it. Yes! I equipped it right then and there. We left and came back in to run it again, and even with the new belt ungemmed, my DPS went up. We this time fought some big worm-like thing that I didn’t recognize as our ‘boss from our past.’ There was nothing this time through that I wanted, so I passed on most of it. When we were done, I hearthed back to Dalaran and bought up a Bold Scarlet Ruby (have I mentioned that I love the Dalaran auction bot?). I would have bought a Bold Cardinal Ruby, but they were six times the cost (300g versus 50g). The dungeon was fun, the roleplaying aspects were cool, and it wasn’t too hard or too long. I’ll have to go back there. Word has it that there’s a trinket in there I’d like.

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