ToC is Good to Gav

It’s been a quiet day or so for me in WoW, with Betasim being back in town and all. I did find time to run Trial of the Champions with some guildies today, though. We ran through it once, and after we killed the second boss (as well as a giant ‘memory’ of Van Cleef), a sweet piece of armor dropped: the Breastplate of Imperial Joust. I wanted to ‘need’ it to replace my Whalebone Carapace, but I was polite and greeded. Unfortunately, my guild leader rolled higher on greed and got it. I jokingly complained, and he said to ‘hush,’ because I was ‘killing (him) on the DPS meters’.  We finished the dungeon with little fanfare, and decided to run it again. We did, and after the second boss, the same chest armor dropped again. My guild’s second-in-command whispered me to ‘need’ it, so I did. Hell yeah! Once we were done, I went back to Dalaran and gemmed it with two Bold Scarlet Rubies. My DPS is sure to go up now!

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