Post Patch Prattle

Well, I’ve been playing around in Azeroth for the last almost dozen hours, and I’ve come up with some opinions on patch 3.2.

For one, whoever decided to put the Steam Powered Auctioneer in Dalaran, THANK YOU! lol It’s a big help, not having to hike back to Ironforge to do business (I have a bank alt, but it’s easier to just wheel and deal on Gav). I’m also really happy with my new Wormhole Generator. I’ve used it twice; once to Storm Peaks (it put me just outside Ulduar), and once to Borean Tundra (releasing me about a quarter mile in the air above a lake). It’s only useable every four hours – like the other engineer transporters – but as with the changes made to the old ones, it’s not a trinket and can be used right from the bag.

The Northrend Children’s Week quests were unspectacular but fun. I went with the Oracle orphan and got an Oracle vanity pet for my work. I also went to the Argent Tournament grounds, which were – as expected – packed. A couple guildies ran the normal version of Trial of the Crusader, but I didn’t go.

Finally, my thoughts on Wintergrasp. For one, it’s nice to be able to fly over it now. However, ‘fly over it’ is a misnomer, because you can fly anywhere in the zone, land and take off at will, so long as there’s no battle taking place. Once a battle starts, flying mounts are no longer allowed. The queuing system was no big deal, and it grouped us all into a large raid automatically and was easy enough to understand. We lost a defensive battle, though, due to being incredibly disorganized. That’s the Alliance for you, I guess.

I did head into Heroic: Violet Hold again to test my DPS, and it wasn’t real pretty. I wasn’t far below my old average, but I started every fight with my DPS dropping greatly until I got Seal of Vengeance fully stacked again. On non-bosses, I was at best a distraction. I ranked second on overall DPS, but I was the second best geared player in the group, so that was no surprise. Looting a couple Emblems of Conquest was nice, though. There’s not allot you can do with just three, however.

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