Patch 3.2 is Going Live

Well, it’s time to do the Patch Day Dance, downloading and installing another couple hundred megs to your hard disk to keep up with WoW’s latest changes. Here are my top thoughts on 3.2.

  • CLASSES: I hate the new “Seal of Vengeance only stacks on auto attacks” deal for paladins. WTF? So, what… we can’t Crusader Strike or Divine Storm or anything until we’ve auto attacked five times, lest we waste mana on less-then-optimal attacks? This sucks. My DPS, which was barely competent before, is going to drop like a rock. Of course, switching targets means starting over each time. This is going to take some getting used to.
  • PROFESSIONS: Portable Wormhole Generator, here I come! I’ve been saving my mats to make this ever since I read about it.
  • PROFESSIONS:On another engineer-based rant, I’m looking forward to the Dalaran auction-bot for engineers. Is there any doubt that science rules the world? lol
  • UI: Built-in gear stat comparison and item selling prices for the UI will allow me to cut back on add-ons, which is always a good thing.
  • MOUNTS: Since I can’t stop it, I’m going to take full advantage of the lower mount level requirements. Gleave (my lvl 61 human death knight) is going to be getting his flying mount ASAP, and Crane (my human warlock) and Lug, both level 22, are getting their first mounts as soon as I can log in on them.
  • MOUNTS: I’m looking forward to the halved casting time for mounting. This will make node farming and the like much faster and easier.
  • WORLD: Being able to fly over Wintergrasp will make getting to Sholazar Basin much easier. I also hope to be able to watch WG matches from above when I’m not part of them. Speaking of WG…
  • PVP: I dislike the new battlegrounds-style format for Wintergrasp, but I assume it’s just because it’s so new to me. I’ve never queued for a battleground before, so this will be interesting. I liked the pre-battle portal gathering in Dalaran, though. It was a good opportunity to buff everyone and get on the same page. That’s no more, though. Again, this will take time to get used to.
  • DUNGEONS: The new emblem system (with the higher-level emblems dropping in mere Heroics and the like) surely makes hardcore raiders angry, but for those of us who can’t or won’t commit to full-time raiding, this is a blessing.
  • ARGENT TOURNAMENT: I can’t wait to finish getting the Crusader title so I can unlock the new dailies and gear at the AT, like the tabard that ‘ports you straight to the tournament grounds. That’ll be handy.

I’ll post more once I get in-game to try stuff out first-hand. For now, I – like everyone else – have to wait for Blizz to put the servers back up (and hope that we don’t have a patch 3.1-type fiasco).

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